Exhibiting High-Tech at the Start-Up Stage

Every businessman dreams of making money and growing his business to a super giant. It is possible only if he possesses the art of marketing and business development. But if you are just starting out with your own business, then it is very important to get all the required information so that your business can achieve its real success. You can get all this information only by reviewing about business life style of other businessmen. The book Review by Shahid Buttar presents a concise yet thorough review about business life style. The book describes the basic traits of a successful businessman.

Shahid Buttar presents a detailed description of the business environment that exists in India. The book describes the kind of work that is expected from each individual in a corporate set up. The poor people are depicted as lazy and effeminate. They have less chance of survival compared to the rich people who enjoy a comfortable business life.

The author starts with the analysis of the five stages of start-up in any business. After that he examines the three stages of operations in small businesses. He also has an in depth look into the two stages of growth and succession. There is a detailed description of how to choose the right managers for each functional area in the small businesses. The book also gives detailed information on the steps that must be followed for survival in the long run.

The third stage includes financial resources for the start-up. The author rightly emphasizes that the owner should take care of his business financial resources from day one itself. This is one thing that most of the books do not mention. The owner needs to manage the financial resources wisely to avoid any future surprises.

After the financial resources is managed, the owner now needs to put the business in action. He needs to find out the capital for the start-up. He does this by looking at one or two alternative routes such as borrowing money from friends and relatives or by obtaining a loan from the bank. He then looks at various financing options such as bank loans, business credit cards, and personal credit cards. All these alternatives have their pros and cons according to the size and nature of the business.

The fourth stage involves growth. The author rightly points out that for any business to grow in a healthy manner it needs to be properly promoted. He uses a simple yet highly effective marketing strategy that will help in promoting the business. He uses his own experience in setting up various companies to give proper examples of what is required. He also gives a number of practical exercises that anyone can follow to promote the business quickly.

The final stage addresses the management of the business after it has started off successfully. The author rightly argues that for any business to run effectively it needs to have enough cash on hand. This is a fact that all start-ups have and need to address. However, the faster you are able to raise enough cash so that your business can grow, the better it will be. He also gives several suggestions on how to improve cash flow so that the business can meet its obligations easily.

This book is a very comprehensive guide to the start-up of a high-tech business. The author rightly presents the reader with a checklist of essentials that one should consider before getting a business going. He then gives a very practical and easy-to-follow guide to get started with a high-tech enterprise. Given such a great piece of information on the importance of high-tech businesses and how they can succeed, I highly recommend that this eBook be read by anyone who wants to know more about the benefits of getting a high-tech business started.

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