Is PUBG Cringed From Googe Play Coming To Goggle Play?

Recently, in a forum regarding the Google Play Store, several people were wondering whether or not Google was going to take PUBG off the Google Play Store entirely. They pointed out that Google had pulled a lot of games from the store a while back and many of them were of good quality. With PUBG being such a popular game, many believe that it will be pulled at some point. This article will attempt to find out whether or not PUBG will be banned.

Google is notorious for pulling games from the store a lot and it seems as though PUBG might be next. Google has recently been pulling games off of their platform and has even been cracking down on publishers that do not follow the rules when it comes to game submissions. A few weeks ago they were actually banning publishers that were selling games illegally.

It would seem as though Google is trying to make its gaming platform as fair as possible. Many people believe that this is what is causing them to ban several games from their store which were made by reputable developers.

The reason why Google is banning so many games from the store is due to the fact that there is very little to distinguish them from each other. The most common things that people associate with the game are cute dogs and virtual cars. The graphics look like they are from a Wii game or something similar.

This makes it very hard for Google to separate games from the ones that are illegal. As you can imagine, they are trying to get their platform to be as open as possible and it would seem as if they are going after games that are made by unknown developers as well.

We’ve seen Google pulls games off of their platform before and it is a scary thought to think about what could happen if they did it again. If you are an avid fan of the game, there is a chance that it could end up in your store soon. However, it does not look likely right now.

The main problem that we see with Google is that they seem to be targeting games that involve shooting. These types of games are much less likely to contain any illegal content than games like PUBG.

We cannot say for certain if Google will continue to ban games like PUBG. However, it is possible that they will in the future. We will just have to wait and see if they continue to pull games off of their platform.

If you want to know if PUBG will be cringed from goggle play, you have to play it and find out for yourself. Hopefully, you find it worth the risk.

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