The Future Of Clash Of Clans

Supercell, the Finnish mobile game maker, has released a third consecutive year of rising profits as Tencent, the Chinese giant of gaming, highlighted how difficult it is for most mobile game companies to keep on growing. The company is one of only a few mobile game developers making a profit from the rapidly expanding online gaming market and analysts estimate that revenues in this sector will reach up to $6.5 billion in the next five years.

The success of Clans is not a sure thing for a few reasons, primarily because there is a big difference between a successful game like Clans and a failure. There is still room for improvement in the game, and a lot of potentials is left open for future updates. This means that there are more games that can be developed for free and launched into the market.

With the increasing number of games available for download on mobiles, the industry is also faced with a big problem: the fragmentation of the mobile game market. In the past, different games were created in the same genre, such as adventure or sports, but it seems that they are now being developed in different genres such as action, puzzle, strategy and so on. This means that there are more than ten different types of mobile games to choose from.

A big part of the success of Clans is due to its use of a unique format that combines the best elements of other games. It uses a point-and-click style interface, similar to other point-and-clicking games, in order to give players the impression that they are playing a true-to-life adventure game. The game also incorporates real-world situations and elements into the storyline, such as using real items on real objects. Another unique aspect is the fact that in Clash of Clans, you get to use your social network to help you get points.

As the game continues to gain popularity, the question remains whether or not Clash of Clans will retain its popularity when its competitors, such as Supercell and Zynga, release new games. It is likely that the popularity of this game will continue to grow, but it is not yet clear how long the mobile game market will remain competitive.

Many people have also criticized the level of quality in this game compared to other games. It seems that some features are not really necessary to have a fun game and that the graphics are not attractive enough to encourage players to buy the game.

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